ATW 2018

September 30 - October 6


Austin Think Week is an opportunity to consider the big questions of life.   Conversations happen all over Austin - in pubs, businesses, universities, churches, apartment complexes, and schools.  The whole community is involved.  World-class thinkers and speakers from RZIM address questions in ways which often bring new insight, alongside perspectives from the Christian world-view.  Austin Think Week is a place where those of all faiths or none are welcome and our events are viewed as incredible learning opportunities to discuss questions we wish could be addressed more often but have little opportunity to consider most of the time.

The period of open Q&A at the end of every event is always a highlight.



            IS SCIENCE THE ENEMY OF FAITH?      



                     GOD OF LOVE, WORLD OF SUFFERING?                        

         IS RELIGION THE PROBLEM OR THE SOLUTION?                                                       




            HOW CAN THERE BE ONLY ONE WAY TO GOD?                    



                   ISN'T THE BIBLE SEXIST?                                                        


                               HUNGRY FOR HOPE?                             




        HUNGRY FOR JUSTICE?      



Daniel Rangel

Daniel Rangel is a fulltime OCCA Fellow based in Dallas, TX. He is a gifted communicator speaking regularly in businesses and universities all over the world. Daniel was born and raised in Houston and received his undergraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering from Texas A&M University. After graduation, Daniel worked as a fulltime engineer before going on to study at Oxford.  He passionately seeks to bring clarity to questions regarding the Christian faith. Daniel also desires to represent the Christian responsibility to work for social justice by creating leadership and educational opportunities. He is fluent in both Spanish and English.

Jo Vitale

Jo Vitale is Dean of Studies at the Zacharias Institute and an Itinerant Speaker for RZIM. Prior to joining the US team, Jo was a speaker for RZIM Europe, where she also served in teaching roles at the Oxford Centre for Christian Apologetics.  During her years in Oxford, Jo graduated with a First-Class degree in Theology from the University of Oxford. Jo then completed an MSt in Biblical Interpretation, and a Dphil (PhD) in Old Testament studies, both at the University of Oxford. Her doctoral dissertation was on the subject of 'women and beauty in the Old Testament'.  Although a UK national, Jo is now based at the Zacharias Institute in Atlanta, Georgia, where she is appreciating the joys of southern hospitality!

Michelle Tepper

Michelle Tepper is an itinerant speaker for RZIM, teaching worldwide on a number of subjects, including the problem of pain, God’s character, sex, relationships, and love.  Since 2011, Michelle has been speaking overseas as a part of the RZIM European team and as a guest lecturer at the Oxford Centre for Christian Apologetics.  Michelle has strong ties to Oxford since she met and married her husband there while studying abroad at Oxford University, during which she finished her bachelor’s degree in political science from Stetson University. Michelle then went on to pursue further studies in theology at the Oxford Centre for Christian Apologetics (OCCA).

Andy Moore

Andy is a Speaker for RZIM and co-leads Festival of Thought, which focuses on apologetics for the corporate world. Andy has a background in business having previously worked as an advisor to Private Equity houses in London and in Financial Operations for a NASDAQ-listed multinational. He continues to serve on the Board of Trustees for several charities in London.  Andy is a Chartered Accountant in England and Wales and the holder of Certificates in Christian Apologetics and Theological Studies from the Oxford Centre for Christian Apologetics and University of Oxford respectively.  Andy is also a keen sportsman and has played rugby to a representative level within Ireland. 

About Austin THINK WEEK

Austin THINK WEEK is an opportunity to actively explore key life questions in cool venues around Austin - kind of like a Festival for Thinkers. 

With thought provoking speakers and "live" Q&A, this week aims to bring meaningful discussion and answers to some of the many questions a lot of us wrestle with these days. Designed for those of all beliefs and none - and for those with intellectual objections and heartfelt concerns about the Christian worldview.

A line up of many conversations, some public and some private, are scheduled starting Sunday, September 30, and running through Saturday, October 6, all talks are free of charge except for those that include a meal.

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